FT-1 Digital Tuner


建議零售價:NT$299 元 (含稅)

Fishman’s new FT-1 digital tuner is the perfect companion for any acoustic instrument. This fully chromatic tuner quickly and accurately finds the note being played, and indicates if you’re in tune, sharp or flat. The adjustable clip sensor is easily secured to
the instrument and ensures great results, even in noisy environments.

The FT-1’s bright, backlit LCD display features a meter style pitch indicator with large readout and turns from red to green when the note is in tune. Powered by a single coin battery, this tuner is lightweight and packed with value.

FT-1 Acoustic Instrument Tuner

Fully chromatic, automatically displays the note
Adjustable clip attaches to flat surfaces
Swivel mount rotates for easy viewing
Extra bright LCD display lights green when in-tune and lights red for sharp or flat
Meter style sharp and flat display
Built-in microphone
Clip-on sensor for tuning in noisy environments
Instrument modes display the string number for correctly tuning guitar, bass, or
Adjustable reference pitch from 435Hz to 445Hz
“Flat” mode for easy transposed tuning
Automatic power save and shut-off features to save batteries
Includes one 2032 coin battery